Luis valentino, Ed.D. serves as CEO for the Valgar Institute, an education consulting and coaching firm. Luis supports school districts and leaders across several states, providing direction on strategic planning and coaching support to cabinet level leaders. Luis is a goals driven educator with deep knowledge and highly developed instructional skills. He possesses professional expertise in leadership and curriculum development. Luis is a catalyst and driving force behind advancements in education. He is a motivational leader who possesses the necessary skills to build, grow and maintain strong academic communities based on successful leadership, broad interdisciplinary background and team participation. Luis is an empowering motivator who seizes opportunities, drives positive change, builds consensus, and improves stakeholder awareness. Luis is a member of the International Association of Coaching, and applies his knowledge of coaching and mentoring to support in gaining a deep understanding that in order to grapple with public education’s incredible challenges, educational leaders need to gain clarity of purpose and development of their capacity in order to make the best decisions possible that lead to long-term results.

Luis valentino is a career educator with almost 30 years of experience, and has served in a number of roles and positions, including classroom teacher, district program coordinator, principal, area director, chief academic officer, and superintendent. Working in large urban districts like the Los Angeles Unified School District, the San Francisco Unified School District, and the Albuquerque Public Schools has given him a strong perspective on the challenges that exist in urban America, but also the opportunities to be a factor in the transformation of public education.

Luis Valentino has taught at UCLA, USC, and Cal State, Los Angeles. This has allowed him to remain connected to the best thinking guiding the work of teaching and learning. The teachers and administrators he has taught have kept him present to the powerful relationship and balance between theory and practice. He holds a BS degree from the University of Texas at Austin, an MS from Pepperdine University and an MA from the Cal State, Los Angeles. He also holds an Ed.D. From UCLA.

Luis Valentino served as host of the District Leader podcast, and serves as publisher of Valgar Publishing, an independent publisher, which includes Wiredprofiles: Education’s Daily Digest.